The Annual James E. Cryan Memorial Tournament

Welcome to the James E. Cryan Memorial Tournament. The tournament is held annually at Mercer County Tennis Center and runs from the last Saturday in July through the first Saturday in August. The directors of the tournament are Jim Cryan, son of James E. Cryan, and Virginia Armstrong-Whyte. All proceeds of the tournament go to charity.


About Us

Established in 1965, the James E. Cryan Memorial Tennis Tournament honors Mr. Cryan for his contributions to the sport of tennis in the Trenton, NJ area prior to his death from Hodgkins Disease in 1964 at age 42. The total prize money given out in 2016 was $4,800, divided equally between men and women. The entrants in the Men's Open division typically include professional players from the satellite tour, collegiate players, and local teaching pros. The B division allows players with a USTA rating of 4.5 or below to participate. There are ten divisions, consisting of Open and B divisions for Men's and Women's singles and doubles as well as Mixed doubles. The 2016 tournament had approximately 362 participants; since several participants entered multiple events, there were approximately 532 tournament entrants.

There is a sponsor's day on the last day of the tournament, in which local pros run drills on multiple courts. This usually has a few hundred attendees, including approximately 125 participants in the clinic. There is a charge of two dollars per person, with the proceeds going to charity. The winners and finalists of the open divisions receive prize money, with the singles winners receiving $1,000. The women's open finals and the men's open finals have ball boys and girls (and possibly other events), they have had sponsor shirts and hats provided (approximately 12 outfits)